Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fashion Goals.... Literally

hey guess who's back from the dead! well not really because I"m drowning in homework and this was the easiest way to avoid it. Anyways, back to the topic : FASHION! Now, you might be asking yourself, why is a person with 0 fashion sense talking about fashion? Don't worry I won't scar your eyes like I previously have done with outfits of the day, what I wore, stalk my style etc. I'm just here so explain (for lack of a better word) my dream wardrobe and style. 

My closet is terrible. Lately, I've been leaning a lot towards the minimalistic fashion with the basic accessories and colors because I'm lazy. I don't wanna suddenly become a rainbow but, the opposite. I'm in love with the basic patterns and how good people (*cough cough Gigi Hadid,Kendall Jenner , and all the other supermodels with heavenly bodies cough *) look with such basic pieces. I definitely DO NOT have a perfect body but, hey, a girl can try. 
Picture perfect: The catwalk queen kept the chilly British weather at bay with a matching gunmetal coat and completed her look with a pair of stylish crocodile-print boots:  Cooling down: Julianne Hough, 27, looked casual in a grey jumper and white skinny jeans as she stepped out and about in Los Angeles on Thursday: We love Kendall Jenner's simple outfit for heading to the airport! Check out www.travelfashiongirl.com for more suggestions on traveling in style.: Deepika Padukone returning from the #IIFA Awards.:

To get this dream wardrobe I'll need to shift around a couple of clothes and get rid of some of those bright colors with hideous prints that stare down upon you from the back of your closet. I really wanna incorporate more solid colors and basic prints. (ex.stripes)
♡ мore ιѕѕυeѕ тнan vogυe ♡: fashion, style, and clothes image:
More long sweaters/ cardigans but I'm not too keen on that since it's so hot in California. 
Black jeans are the perfect base for winter layers. www.stylestaples.com.au: The Fashion Medley: Death by Elocution:
Accessory wise I'm hoping to get basic necklaces, bracelets, and a watch because I lost mine. I don't use purses but I do need the occasional handbag so I'll throw in a couple of those. 
 : The Rose Gold Peach Leather watch is just one of many styles in our women's watch collection. With free shipping worldwide you could up your style in just a few days by ordering now. Live the life, join the MVMT at mvmtwatches.com:  : Dainty circle necklace Karma necklace Gold circle by HLcollection: Minimalist Inspired Ear Piercing Ideas at MyBodiArt: |Pinterest @xioohh❥|:
There's no way in hell I won't have graphic tees and sweaters ,like, do you even know me?
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/253953555/tacos-shirt-black-text-perfect-for-tacos: HABLO STUPID. i need this shirt for work. if only people could see thru the phone: t-shirt cactus pocket // oh !k: Clean corner pocket word in front. CA-TAL-YST (then small words add Campus under to fit full width.: Not My Problem Tee: img_0075.jpg (1000×1500): Nasa Meatball Sweatshirt ($34) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring tops, hoodies and sweatshirts:
SHOOOEEESSS. Well, I already have black vans but I really want superstars but I'm broke so that's not gonna happen. Lover of heels (even though I can't walk into them) and strappy stuff.
 : Try stitch fix :) personal styling service! Stitch fix shoe inspiration 2016. 1. Sign up with my referral link. (Just click pic) 2. Fill out style profile! Make sure to be specific in notes. 3. Schedule fix and Enjoy :) There's a $20 styling fee but will be put towards any purchase.: Your everyday look gets a fun little lift.:
Anything Adidas and Nike because I'm basic.
Nike Free, Womens Nike Shoes, not only fashion but also amazing price $21, Get it now!: Pinterest °•° @mariellagarza14: Image result for adidas shirts tumblr5. I'm teen wolf trasssshhh and its so embarrassing but I love it sm: adidas, black & white, fitness, girl, grunge, nike, t shirt: sweatpants from nike, adidas, under armour, pink, etc:
Like some of you, I have restrictions on clothing due to religion which makes me dress modestly. That includes shorts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans etc. I'm not gonna change that so I'm gonna stick to clothes that fit my range and rules to look like a bomb ;). 

This dream transformation probably won't happen but my style will evolve (i hope). If ya wanna stalk me follow me by simply typing my name into whatever social media platform you're on because there's only one person with my name (hint: it's me). 

Well. That was a good conversation.If ya got any concerns,suggestions or any of that kinda stuff leave it in the comments down below.
Happy Slaying! - Rida :)
*you have been blessed by this Beyonce gif*

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