Monday, May 23, 2016

Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

"Hey what's up it's been a while..."

Yesterday, I traveled to San Mateo to go to the Maker Faire. I'll keep my review short and sweet. 

It was lit.

There were different zones for different categories and you walked around looking at exhibitions and playing around with some cool tech.
Wild Lasne's confused by passing Homo Sapiens at the entrance

Accidental ground photo 
Standing next to a knock-off Baymax/Android

Selfie next to knock-off Baymax/Android

Dancing Daleks

Indian Invasion 

Sliding into  DM's like


We all look like burritos

I finally felt tall

Trippy light tech 

Bomb light up forest

The next Gigi Hadid

I forgot what it's called but we learned about it in physics


Dope intel robots

Grabbing free anythings (including wristbands and tattoos)


EGH. There are normal bathrooms if you look hard enough.

30 minutes before closing...

Damn who's that girl holding the kettle corn

That's all folks. Until next time.
Happy Making - Rida 

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