Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quick Mother's Day Gift

It's been like two months since I've posted, so I'm sorry, but I have an excuse, I've been out of town. Since Mother's Day is tomorrow, I made this quick easy gift that you can make last minute if you haven't done anything yet. 

This is a cute little jar that your mom can put on her desk or in her room. Fill it with goodies or something essential like paper clips.

The materials you will need are an empty jar, washi tape or ribbon, glitter glue (optional), chalk, chalkboard paper or paint, and candy or something to fill the jar. 


First, place the lid of your jar on your chalkboard paper and trace it. If you are using chalkboard paint, paint your lid with chalkboard paint.


Next, cut out the shape of your lid and stick it onto the lid. 


Next, take your washi tape or ribbon and stick/tie it around your jar.

Now, using your chalk, write a special message on the lid of the jar. I used a special thin chalk in it's holder to write. 

You can also decorate your jar with glitter glue. I was originally going to, but then decided against it.

Next, fill your jar with candy or some goodies.

Finally, put on the lid and give it to your wonderful mother!

Happy Mother's Day

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