Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watching Anime?

Recently one of my good friends recommended some anime for me to watch and they're surprisingly very amusing. To be honest, it was very hard to get used to anime for me because I was so used to actual people and watching anime kinda pissed me off. 

I'm currently watching the well known Attack On Titan as you all know.

I've done a pretty bad job at getting through this series mainly because it was hard to get used to but I have been loving it recently.I'm on episode 15 and just got introduced to Levi! 

Now for those anime shows that I wish to watch..

1.Sword Art Online 

I've heard so much about this anime and it sounded really cool mainly because of it's sci-fi based plot.Also, the same friend has recommended this show to me as well. (I'm trusting you Arvind)

2.Fruits Basket 

This anime I actually watched in about 5th grade on a 7th graders iPod in daycare but never finished. Because of that I really want to finish it and see what happens in the end and I may even read the manga books. ;)

Hope you guys like this post!

Happy Watching & Reading!-Rida

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