Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saavn + Language Goals

 I haven't been blogging a lot I know but I'm trying my best to come up with ideas and they just aren't coming :( I'll try my best to come up with posts for y'all I promise!

Now, if you are indian you probably know about this music app called saavn. Saavn is an app that allows you to listen to your favourite indian music so basically an indian spotify. Recently I've been really into different cultures and when I'm just browsing I like to listen to music so why not the music of my people. If you are an Indian I would definitely recommend you go listen on saavn. Another part of saavm that I like is their chill station. I personally like slow songs so I just hit that and listen to practically all of my favorite indian songs. If you aren't indian I would still recommend saavn because you get to see more of the beautiful indian culture! 

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The other thing I wanted to mention in this post were my language goals. I don't about you but I hate not knowing what people are saying when they speak in a different language so I've decided to learn a couple. I'm currently learning Spanish at school and I want to finish learning Hindi. At home both my parents speak Hindi and I too speak fluently but I can't read or write so I want to learn how to do that. Ironically, I can read and write in Arabic so I want to learn how to speak it. Weird, I know. Too add on to that, I wish to learn Korean simply because the dramas are really amazing and like I mentioned before I want to be able to understand what they are saying. 

Looking for a good TV show? You should go watch Doctor Stranger an amazing Korean Drama! (Available on Netflix)
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Lastly, I started watching Attack On Titan because a bunch of my classmates were crazy about it so let's see where that goes! 

That's all for now and hope you guys liked this post! 
Have a Happy Day!-  Rida

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