Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tumblr Room #1

It has been way to long since either one of us has posted so I'm back bringing you somewhat exciting news!So, for a while I've been wanting to redo my room and I think it's about time I do. So, while I was watching Netflix it hit me that I should re-do my room and make it tumblr inspired! To add to that I thought I'd make a video and post series to go along with it, so stay tuned.

The first thing I did was go online and I printed a bunch of artsy images. I kinda wanted to turn one of my walls into this huge collage so I thought maybe I'd string up a bunch of photos and hang them or I would take down my cork board and pin images onto that.

Here are some of the images:

Rida's Recommendations of the post

 I would highly recommend watching it if you want a light hearted show.It makes me smile and laugh and I love it.

The Vampire Diaries 
This show is amazing. I caught up to the 6th season in 2 weeks. I absolutely love this show! It has an amazing plot and can we just take a moment and realize that Nina and Ian aren't together anymore.Every time something reminds me of them I get a f
eel attack, no joke.

Hope you guys liked this post!

Have a Nice Day!-Rida

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