Saturday, January 3, 2015

OOTD + Video Update

Hey Guys!! So,there's two things I wanted to address in this post 1.Vaca Videos and 2. The OOTD . So, let's get started. So, I've been making these videos of my vacation and I'm going to post them up soon! I might do that for a lot of my vacations do they'll be like vlogs.

Now, for the OOTD. 

I don't know why but I love wearing fandom merchandise during breaks. I wear them during regular days too but I feel more comfy in my fandom stuff that's why I chose this outfit. It's a very simple and casual outfit for running errands or going out for lunch.

Marvel Tee - Kohl's
Black Leggings - Target 
Red Converse 
Layered Bracelets 
French Braid 
Tardis Side bag - Hot Topic (thank you Anika!)

Hope you guys liked this post! 

Happy New Year! - Rida

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