Monday, January 19, 2015

Memory Book

I love scrapbooking but I fail.I love the idea of writing in a journal but I fail at that too. I can,however, glue and collect very well. So, I decided to comine them all into one little book. I got this book from Dubai in a little grocery near my aunts old house.It started off as a diary and then I started glueing things into it.So, I decided that this was DIYish and decided to post it. As you scroll down you'll see some pictures of pages from the book. I know this isn't much but anyone can do this and sometimes when there's a rough patch in your life just looking through it makes your life bet

A page dedicated to my little brother
Clara inspired age count

A diary entry from July 2nd , 2010
Glued perfume samples
A lottery ticket in which we won $2
A picture of me a Prachi 
A thank you note from my little cousin , Sarah
Fair Band , Jolly Rancher wrapper that we won at Reno and Fortunes 
ER band from when I cracked my head and got my Harry Potter scar ;)

Hope you guys liked this post!

Happy looking back!-Rida


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