Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Break DIY's + Makeup & Outfit

I don't celebrate Christmas but I do know a couple of quick DIY's to help you with many Holiday's. 
Now I know many people don't have ton's of money to spend on gifts so I came up with some ideas that you can make with simple and cheap items. 

1. Beauty Bag

I did something similar to this for my dad's birthday and he loved it so I'm sure many other people would like it too.  

In the bag I just put some basic essentials like Aveeno, Shampoo & Conditioner along with some Perfume. The little leaf tag that you see is a leaf with some white out on it stuck on with tape. To make sure it sticks better you can use a glue dot or hot glue. 

2. Mini Present Bag 

If you really want to customize your gifts on a low budget then you should try these bags out. They're just little painted paper bags. To apply the paint I just used some Q-Tips and if you're working with a little child this might happen. 
(it's a person) 

To add to the look I added a bow on mine and it actually looked pretty good. Just add a small gift in them and top if off with some wrapping paper and your gift is complete. 

3.Little Gifts
 Here I have little gifts to give, stick in stockings , or place in the bags above.

Now these aren't exactly gifts but they're really cute things that you can put in/on gifts as a little extra. If you can't find these ( these were given as a gift!) make your own! Just write their name on the front and an inspirational quote on the back and your done.

Here I have the hairpin phone case. You can just buy a cheap phone case from practically anywhere and decorate. All I did here was take a hairpin and remove the pin part of it. Then just hot glue it onto the case.
I myself am recommending this to you. It's a really cute little massager that I got for $5 at walmart. They're really cute and make excellent little gifts. I have a white one and my brother has the blue.

Now for the makeup and the outfit:

Yes, one of my eyes is smaller than the other...
Anyways, all I did for this look was some basic wings  that took me like 15 minutes and and a little bit of gold eyeshadow.

Did you like our poses? Well let me introduce you to my wonderful friend Faiza. I just realized we were wearing similar colours, Anyway, this is one of my favourite outfits to wear to a formal-ish occasion.
What I'm Wearing:

White Scarf - I don't know but I'm pretty sure you can find it anywhere
Striped Blue & White Shirt - Kohl's
Gold Necklace- I don't know but again you can probably find it anywhere 
Orange Skirt- Kohl's 

I know we haven't been posting a lot but I'm trying, trust me! Check out our latest video on our channel by clicking on the link below!

Hope you guys liked this post! 

Happy DIYing and Making Up!-Rida

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