Friday, November 14, 2014

Things To Help You When Your Sad

Sad?Frustrated?Annoyed? Or have you just simply given up?Everyone feels that way once in a while, trust me, and everyone hates it.So, to avoid that mucky feeling I present to you things to help you when your sad. :) (These are some of the things I do)

1.Write Your Feelings Down.
As much as you want to forget the feeling it's not going to go away that fast.Everyone always says tell your feelings to someone you trust, but at that moment you probably don't trust anyone.Instead, write it to your future self.That's what I do. I created a little slit in my converse box and every now and then I slip in  a note or two. Not only that, but I filled it with memories. For example, pictures or even the littlest things such as movie tickets.

2.Humor Board on Pinterest 

To get rid of those sick feelings spend sometime looking at some funny jokes or something that makes you laugh.It really lightens up your mood and helps a ton.If you're reading this your probably sad so I left you a few pictures to laugh at.:)

3.Faith in Humanity Restored
Not in for a laugh? No problem. Go check out the faith in humanity restored board. It really shows you how nice people are and that you should be really grateful instead of hating on people!It really warms my heart up with all fuzzy feelings. :) Like the last one I left a picture too!

4.Cry it out
As much as you want to bottle up your feelings, your going to have to let them out. I suggest you do it then and there.

5.Take a long shower/bath
It relaxes your body and will really soothe you.It will also calm you down so you can think better. Also no one sees you so you can do that crying now.To make your bath/shower even better use Epsom salts. To learn how to make Epsom salts click here!

Hope you guys like this post and remember not everyone is perfect!

Happy Feeling Better!-Rida

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