Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sick Days: 3 Things To Make Your Day Better

Hi Everybody! So, it's coming. The dreaded time of sickness where most of us feel terrible. Today, I had a stomach ache & a headache and decided to make use of my poor health and create a post. After all it would keep my mind off of the pain. (It actually wasn't that bad.) So, here are somethings I do while I'm sick.

1. Drink Tea with Crackers
Being an Indian, I drink Indian tea. It's similar to British tea except Indian tea is stronger and has more caffeine than British tea.This always helps with headaches and wakes me up a little more.The only down side is that it has way more caffeine so you can't drink it constantly. The crackers help me eat and get some energy in my body. Usually, I won't eat anything heavy or foods I don't enjoy a lot. During these sick days I'll eat these crackers and maybe some lentil soup with rice since that's light.
Click here if you want to learn how to make Indian tea. I make my tea a little differently than this link but It's pretty close. 

Please don't do this if you have the flu or something contagious.I only do this when I have something like a stomach ache or head ache because those aren't very contagious and go away in a day or two. Anyways, today I felt like baking cupcakes so I did. These cupcakes turned out amazing! If you want the recipe I'll leave the links below.

3.Take a Bath with Bath Salts 
Everyone loves taking nice hot baths but what makes them better are bath salts. They are really easy to make and and an extra special touch to your bath.Below are step by step instructions on how I made my Bath Salts.

Step 1: Get some mint leaves and chop them up.*
Step 2: Pour some Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) in your container.
Step 3: Mix them together.I used a plastic spoon to make sure I don't die.
*You can also use an essence

4.Drink Lots Of Water!
It may be a little annoying having to go pee every 10 minutes but it helps a lot. Your body will feel so much better hydrated! Instead of refilling a glass every 2 minutes just grab a random water bottle and carry it around the house with you.

Hope you guys liked this post!

Happy Feeling Better!-Rida

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