Monday, November 24, 2014

Rida's (Beauty) Recommendation's

I have to admit I had way to much fun taking these photos with a bunch of different effects so please don't mind the different lighting's in pictures! Anyway, it's been a long time since I've done one of these so I thought I'd do one. Simple. 

1.Argan Oil 
This is amazing and I think I've mentioned it once before. It really helps my hair since my hair hurts often and sometimes even falls. I hate the feeling when I want to brush my fingers through my hair but I can't since it hurts so much. This is definitely something I take when traveling. 
2.Scunci Hair ties
I have really thick hair and a lot of it too so I need a reliable hair tie that I know won't break and will go around my ponytail 3 times. I bought these from CVS for about $3-4 . They're really cheap and amazing.

2.Dior show Blackout Mascara
I love this mascara. It adds a great amount of length to my lashes and the wand is really easy to use. The mascara lasts the hold day and also doesn't feel heavy on your lashes.
3.Great Lash
This is my mascara that I use if their nothing else or if I don't want to add too much length.It wand is easier to use and something just makes me feel more comfortable using this wand. I feel this mascara is a little more chunky and it wears off fast too. 

4.Ulta Eyeshadow
I love these eye shadows.Their show easy to apply and are so soft. You can take it off easily and it stays a long while too. I also love these to shades because I feel that these are wonderful shades for people with brown eyes, so brownies this is more of a recommendation for you but you other colored eyes can pull it off too . :) In between both of these, I would say that Gold Leaf is better color wise since I'm not a very big purple fan.

5.L'oreal  HIP Metallic Eyeshadow Shocked Palette
This palette gives more of the metallic looks which is great. I wouldn't apply too much of it at a time though.Also, the applier that came with was great so I didn't have to clean out a brush. The shadow it self was really great.

 6.Bobbi Brown Eye pencil : Jet 
This pencil is actually sharper I just don't  know where my sharpener is. Anyways, this pencil is really smooth and easy to apply but it only stay for have the day.

 7.Rimmel Gel Liner #001
This is my favourite gel liner ever. Actually, scratch that. I love all gel liners. They are so easy to use and fast. They're pretty neat, if you have a steady hand and wonderful for beginners. They come off easily but stay long too. Most of makeup look include this liner.

Photography is cool :)

 8. & 9.Lakmé Lipstick Enrich Mattes #453 & #421 
This shade looks a little brown but it's actually  a deep purple. It's not as deep as #421 but still deep. Both of these lipsticks are really moisturising and you really easy to move around on your lips. They give off a really color in one swipe so I would definitely recommend these. Plus, it's fall. :) 

10.L'oreal Lipstick #250
This lipstick is a little bit more matte then the Lakmé lipsticks but it's still pretty smooth. The color stays pretty long but I'm not too fond of the color then I am with the rest. Actually, the next couple of lip products are in the same color scheme. I barely wear these but they're still really awesome lipsticks. 

11.Revelon Color stay Lipstick #035
This lipstick is really matte, basically like a lip crayon. It has a really nice color and is easy to apply. Nothing very special though.
12.Maybeline Lipstick #175 
This lipstick is so soft and moisturizing. It's pretty much like the L'oreal one but a little less matte. 

13.L'oreal Lipstick #320
Yup. Same picture. This is actually one of my favorite lipstick shades but it got jacked up so I threw it away. Its the same as the other L'oreal lipstick just different shades.

Hope you guys likes this post!

Video coming soon!

Happy Making Up!-Rida

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