Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Home Decor Ideas

The festive season is starting and it's time to get your house looking all pretty and decked up. So, for some inspiration I decked up my house a little bit to fit for more of the "our-house-looks-like-this-everyday" look rather than all festive. Don't worry I'll try to do a similar one soon for the upcoming holiday season!

 All I did here was stack some of our favorite cookbooks on top of the microwave for easy access.To cover up the extra space I placed a cute prop next to it.

Dining Table
 To spice up the dining table I added this tray with 3 little containers for sauces to go along with your meal.


 Our coffee table in in our hall and it's plain top got boring. So, I dug through some closets and found some interesting books to stack. Then, I placed a little elephant on top to complete the look!

This is also located in the hall. It's a small table with need of decorating. I found a sophisticated frame with pictures already in it (from our old house) and placed it on the table.Then, I grabbed these adorable tiny pots and placed them in the same curve as the frame to add to the effect.On the second shelf I placed my Dad's award. Lastly, I stuck 2 random books at the bottom so it didn't look too empty.

 Family Room
 Next to our TV, we had this cluttered shelf that needed some sorting out. So, I just tidied up a bit since it didn't need much decor. It was colourful enough on it's own. At the top, there is some stationary, books, a small photo, and a couple books marks along with a UNICEF bin. It's just filled with stuff our family uses in our day to day lives.Then, in the second shelf are some video games and DVDs with our x-box controllers. The next shelf just has some family games with a little toy on top.

This is right next to the last decorated shelf. I just placed some pictures and greenery and they worked perfectly.I was surprised they actually worked since there wasn't really a color scheme going on.

 This is our mantel. I actually wanted to keep the color scheme darker in this because of the bricks. I slipped in a few blues and reds but nothing too bright.I also added a few pictures with wooden frames to add to the effect.
This is in our fireplace we never use. With the dark color scheme up from the mantel, and the black fireplace, I decided to add a splash of color that would compliment the black. I didn't want a really bright color like red so I just added a wooden basket and threw in some white flowers. I think this was my favourite out of all the above!

Hope you guys liked this post!

Happy Decorating!-Rida

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