Saturday, November 8, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 Review

Episode 9: Flatline

This episode was pretty good. Not one of the best, but not bad. When I saw the TARDIS was tiny, I was like, "Whoa it's the tiny TARDIS episode" because I had seen pictures of the tiny tardis while they were filming. The super tiny TARDIS was really cute and I loved Clara's laugh when she saw it.This episode reminded me of the S7 episode, The Power of Three. I think it was because the aliens were from a different dimension or something... Anyway these aliens were pretty creepy. Also I was thinking that they would continue with more storyline from the guy who called at the beginning, but I guess not. Another weird thing was that I felt like the Doctor got a haircut in the middle of the episode, like after Clara dropped the TARDIS. Did anyone else feel like he got a haircut? I was also hoping there would be more Danny in the season with more adventures with the Doctor. Well he is featured in the next episode so...
Also, Missy is back! And she has an iPad, which I personally thought was kind of funny... Well I'm looking forward to the season finale. We're almost there!


Tiny Tardis

Even Tinier TARDIS

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