Saturday, November 1, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 7 Review

Episode 7: Kill the Moon

Wow we're on episode 7 already! More than halfway into the season!
Well there's a lot to say about this episode. I thought this episode was scary at the beginning. I don't know why but it might just be because I watched Supernatural earlier that day or maybe it was just scary. Comment and tell me if you think this episode was scary! It was mentioned before that season 8 would be darker...
Aaand.... Oh Moffat You! The episode mentioned Tumblr!! Yay! Cool! Courtney posted a picture of the Doctor on Tumblr and he said not to post pictures of him, which mad me think about if the Doctor would have Tumblr and if he would be a fanboy. I think he would but kind of secretly... What do you think? Comment and let us know.
Also I was surprised that the Doctor left because I didn't think he would actually leave. I thought he would probably just go hide somewhere and then come back in a few minutes, which I guess is essentially what he did, but still. I also thought the idea of the moon being an egg was interesting, like what if our moon is actually an egg?! And I was thinking if it hatched then maybe the bug thing would lay another egg which did happen. I liked the beach scene; I think I like all the beach scenes in DW. I also liked having Courtney even though she was super obnoxious, because it was interesting to see how the doctor acted with someone younger.
Clara also questioned whether the moon was there in the future or not and that made me wonder if it was in the episodes that took place in the future because I never really paid attention. I thought that the future which this episode took place in was maybe a different future because the woman said she was the last astronaut and there were definitely astronauts after her. I also thought that it was kind of inspiring/revolutionary? (those aren't the right words but I can't think of any better words) that after the moon issue was solved, humanity started going to the edges of the galaxy and stuff. It was kind of like there was a barrier and it broke after they decided to let the moon hatch.
I also thought the spider/germ creatures (below) were super scary and disgusting.

Hope you enjoyed the episode and the post!

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