Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 11 Review

Episode 11: Dark Water

OMG!!! Whoa, just whoa! So much to say, so many feelings, where to begin?
Well obviously, let's start at the beginning. The beginning was quite curious. With the phone call to Danny and all the sticky notes (if you read them, then you would have been very curious) I began to wonder exactly what she was going to say. In the "Next Time" trailer for the finale, something was said about her not actually ever being Clara Oswald and I thought we were going to get a confession about that. I guess we probably would have if the next event had not occurred. (I will get to the next event in a short while, but until then I want to talk about my "theory.") Clara and her past have always been pretty mysterious, despite a bit of explanation. The whole thing at Trenzalore, well that is a whole other issue, but we don't actually know that much about Clara if you think about it. We know that she has been scatterd along the Doctor's timestream but what about before that. And don't forget she called the Doctor. We don't know for sure who gave her that number. I'm pretty sure everyone including me thinks it was Missy but you never know...So we don't actually know much about Clara, so what if she's someone, or something else?
Anyway, back to the episode. Next thing, while she is on the phone with Danny, (Major Spoiler here if you don't already know that these reviews are full of SPOILERS) he walks into the street and a car hits him and he dies. I thought the lady on the phone was Missy, who had intercepted the call and was trying to trick Clara or something, but it was just someone on the street. When Danny died I was like, "Nooo not Danny!" even though there wasn't actually that much character development for him. I was also like," Moffat!" The instant he died, I knew the episode was written by Moffat, because it was obviously his work. Once again, it wasn't as bad because there wasn't very much character development but it was sad. 
Also when Clara was talking to the old lady about how his death was plain, ordinary, and boring, I agreed with her about how it was just boring. I was curious what she was going to do with the Doctor and oh boy! Well that was terrifying! At first, I wasn't sure what Clara was picking up, but when I saw the keys, I didn't realize they were TARDIS keys. After she put the sleeping patch on the Doctor, I thought she had actually done it and was really going to throw the keys away, but I was also thinking that maybe those aren't the real keys or maybe the Doctor actually has more. But as she started to throw more keys into the lava, I thought maybe they were real and the Doctor would take her. When she threw the last one away, I thought, it's not real, they have to be able to get back and when Clara started to cry and collapse I was shocked. Finally when it was revealed that it wasn't real I was like," I knew the Doctor wouldn't let that happen. 
The 3W thing was really weird and when Missy said she was an android, I was confused, but I thought maybe she was telling the truth and it was something like in Time Heist. I kind of just ignored the Danny part even though it gave information about the whole Nethersphere/ Promised Land thing, until it got to the part where he killed the little boy. I thought there would be more about him and the boy and about killing him. It was creepy when Dr. Chang was talking about the 3 words and played the recording. And when Clara was talking to Danny, and the guy helping Danny told him someone from the other world was calling him, I was kind of confused. Clara was still living but I thought she was in the Promised Land. I was disappointed in Danny not being able to prove it was really him. When Missy revealed she was the Master, I was just amazed. I don't even know how to describe it; amazed is not the right word but I don't know what else to say. Before S8 began, I had seen posters about the Master coming back, but I didn't think they were real. And the Master being a woman, brings so much possibility. Everyone has considered the option of a regeneration into a woman since Eleven when he exclaimed,"Am I a woman?!' after feeling his long hair. Anyway, the skeletons being Cybermen -I did not think the Master would do that. When they went outside and were actually in London, I was surprised, but I felt like it would have eventually come back to London. And Clara being stuck in the room! Oh no! The whole ending I was like," Danny, don't press the button! Don't press it!" 
Wow! There's a lot more I want to say, so I'll either cover it in the next episode or in the review of the whole season. Sorry this was so long, but I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I did!


Sidenote By Rida who actually edits these: Prachi got overexcited, but then again she is a fangirl and thats normal. :)

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