Monday, November 10, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 10 Review

Episode 10: In the Forest of the Night

This was a cool episode. It seemed short but it wasn't actually very short. I liked it though. The setting of the forest was very serene, yet you couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with them. Maybe the reason it seemed so short was because there was no actual villain/alien thing which they had to defeat, which was an interesting change. I actually thought the men in the space suits trying to burn down the trees were the aliens/villains for a minute. The little girl Maeve was really cute though. She reminded me of the girl in the S2 episode "Fear Her" where the girl drew people into pictures. They didn't give too much background on her though. It was also nice seeing Danny, but I thought he would be more adventurous. I guess not. I was thinking he would be in an episode with just him and Clara, like Amy and Rory. It was nice that it turned out to be just a solar flare and not the end of the world for them though. And after the really cool view of the solar flare, the disappearing of the trees was cool too.


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