Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DIY 3 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Decor

I'm really bad at this decorating things for holidays so usually the day company comes I scramble to make my house look somewhat festive. So without further ado I present to you 3 quick and easy Thanksgiving Decors.

1.Bedroom Signs
1.Fold a index card landscape/hot dog style
2.Color your thumb yellow and stamp 
3.Then color your pinkie orange and stamp around the top  half of the yellow
4.Take a black writing utensil and fill in eyes,legs and mouth
5.Take orange writing utensil and create the snood

2.Fall Candle 
1.Collect leaves 
2.Take of the base of a large baking cup and flip it over 
3.Start sticking the leaves on with hot glue 
4.Cut-Off any hanging leaves
5.Place candle in center and light the candle 
6.Turn off the lights

5.Toilet Paper Parcel
1.Place tissue paper on the floor 
2.Place toilet paper on top 
3.Fold all the toilet paper up and tie it with a rubber band 
4.Create a thumb turkey (instructions are underlined in #1)
5.Tape the thumb turkey on the toilet paper

Hope you guys liked this post!

There may be a Thanksgiving vlog!

Happy Thanksgiving! - Rida

QOTP: Whats your favourite Thanksgiving dish? Answer in comments!

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