Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Movies To Watch(Released)

This year we've had some amazing movies come out as well as much awaited movies coming soon! So, I thought I'd sum it up for you! 


Read our review by clicking here

2.The Fault In Our Stars 

This was again made from a book! This movie was loved by us teens but it's yet to be watched by me! Read the review of the book here.


Yet another Disney movie but I found the whole movie a bit of a bore after watching movies like Captain America The Winter Soldier.

4.Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I absolutely loved this movie! It has an amazing twist in the movie and keeps us on our toes! Also, the after credit scene is amazing and justs excites you more for the next marvel movie.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This movie was ok but had a tragic ending. I liked part of the plot but felt that there was too much emotional drama going on and the ending was a bit abrubt.

6.Gaurdians of the Galaxy 

This movie was a complete blast with the whole family. It did have some launguage but other than that and the obvious fighting it was amazing! I loved all the characters but felt the drax could have had a  bigger role.

7. X-Men Days of Future Past 

This movie is one of my favourites. I loved the whole movie and the exiting plot. If you're new to this series be sure to watch X-Men First Class to get up to date.

8.The Maze Runner 

This movie I haven't watched but have heard many good reviews about.

9.Transformers: Age of Extinction 

Not a huge Transformers fan but I'm going to try to watch all the movies! 

10.The Giver

The book was wonderful and I haven't watched the movie. I know *cringe* I have a lot of watching to do.

11.If I Stay 

I wish to read the book and also watch the movie..Please don't hate me.

That's all for this years top released movies. Stay tuned for the upcoming movies!

Hope You Guys Liked  This Post!

Happy Watching!-Rida

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