Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whats in my beauty bag?

My Beauty Bag was gifted to me by a friend about 4 years ago and I've just started using it this past year.

The Overall Inside View

The first 3 items are mostly used during traveling and are my Banana Boat sunscreen stick but I did n't know what to call it so I just labeled it sunbalm because I accidently tore of the labeling :/. The next is the Pond's magic powder and when I'm hot and sweaty and my face looks all messed up just dry it off a bit and then apply this and it makes my face look less crappy. (yayy!) Lastly, I have some Germ-x  just to fight off those icky germs.

Here I have my Pond's cream,Johnson's baby lotion and the Gold bond ultimate healing with aloe cream. I never wear cream, which needs to change, but still carry it incase my skin starts to burn or just feels really itchy.
Next, I have my Body Essentials Pink Sweet Pea fantasy which smells really nice! Whenever I have to rush out the door I just grab this and spray it as I go or stash it into my bag thanks to it's compact size. This was gifted so I don't know alot except that this smells amazing!

Here I just have some Nivea lip butter to replace my usual eos. 
I've got some band-aids for those awkward clumsy moments we all have and some tissues because of those unexpected runny noses or to aid with your lunch when you don't have a proper napkin. :)

I  also keep some hair ties and pins just incase I'm  on the move with wet hair which you shouldn't dry or I                                                                  just need my hair up.
I  keep a comb handy since you never know when you're gonna need those.
Lastly, I gave some accesories incase I run out the door and feel the need to accesorize!

Click the following links for more info on some of the products
Sunbalm (scroll down)

Hope you liked this post!

Happy Looking! - Rida

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