Sunday, November 16, 2014

Study Tips :)

I'm pretty sure its not just me, but I'm already tired of school. It's barely been the 4th month of school (for me) and my back hurts, I'm finishing HW late, and I'm sleepy :( (we all are face it.) So here are 7 study tips that work for me! 

1. Keep your phone far way 

We all get distracted and end up wasting 30-45 minutes on our phones try to keep your phone away so that you can focus more on your HW. Remember to keep it on silent unless you can stand the "DING!" 

2. Plan what your going to do

Try to figure out what HW you have for that day. For example, if you have to practice an instrument make sure to do it earlier so you don't distract sleeping people if you tend to procastinate or you do your HW until late at night.

3. Color code agenda

This tip has worked wonders for me. I color coded my agenda like this :
Yellow- HW due the next day
Orange- Things I have to do like study or refill binder paper
Green- Tests and Quizzes
Pink- Events

4.Study In a good environment

This is something I need to work on. My room and desk is a mess and hope to organize it soon! The enviornment really changes your working speed and focus. Whenever I go to the library to work I finish my work faster since I'm more focused and don't have the choice to watch T.V. while working.

5. Take Breaks

 You do this without noticing. Try to talk to others or yourself (we all do it),stretch ,eat ,etc..Just take a couple breaks so you can focus a bit better. If you don't do this you will find yourself on your phone :)

6. Organize Your Mochila (backpack)!

Keep your backpack organized! If you don't do this you will easily misplace assignments and it's be a pain to find things when your teacher wants them after a whole unit... I would suggest dividers with dividers inside of those dividers.. did you get that?


Now this is a must for me when I'm memorizing words or phrases.I can't just look at a paper and not glance at the answer a little to the right or left.If you're having trouble organizing them, just buy a flashcard holder from Walm-Mart or make your own! 

Hope you guys liked this post!

Happy Studying!-Rida

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