Sunday, September 7, 2014

Safari West

Safari West is a place unlike another.If you disagree with that statement then tell me which place allows you to see animals from 5 inches away. Now I'm not talking about seeing animals from behind fences. I'm guessing that you don't so why don't I tell you a little more about my trip to Safari West.
Here are the giraffes that we saw during the safari. You can also see the jeeps that we sat on.

Our Safari started out as a drive jeeps from the Korean War in 1950. (They were re-done) All passengers took turns on sitting on the top bench if you wanted too. Then our lovely tour guide took us out on hills where we got to see all the animals!
Another giraffe sitting down. They are so cute! 
This photo shows how close we were to the giraffe. 

While we were on the safari we also visited some zebras!
 Teacher: "Cape Buffalo"
Cape Buffalo: "Present!"

After our adventure on the jeep we took walking tour to see some of our predators like cheetas and some birds. ,
Since we had taken the 1pm tour we had to eat lunch so my mom had packed some homemade burgers and we ate them near a small lake at Safari West that homed some flamingos!

Hope you  guys liked this post! 
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Happy Traveling! - Rida 

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