Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rida's Reccommendations!

Today I thought of starting a new series called Rida's Recommendation in which I would recommend some of the things I've been enjoying recently. It's kind of like a favourites post weekly instead of monthly. You can keep track and revisit JUST this series by click the label Rida's Recommendations. 


In my free time I sometimes enjoy watching AmazingPhil's videos. He's super funny and realistic. Plus his edits are great! My personal favourite video is his May Favourites. You can check it out by clicking below! 

2. The Maximum Ride Series 
My wonderful friend recommended this series and let me tell you how much I have been loving this book. Usually a book takes a couple of chapters until you can't put it down but this book got right into it. In the first 3 chapters there was action and I immediately got hooked on. This book has short and sweet chapters that make you feel like you've accomplished something (don't deny it). For all you Marvel fans out there this is just like an x-men adventure! 

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer 
The same friend told me about this and if you can't tell already I like supernatural and action . So, I obviously got hooked on immediately. This show is really good besides it's graphics. For a change of things a blonde girl is the main characters who kicks butt instead of that girl who's  story goes a little like this.
Blonde and her boyfriend think it's a good idea to go into an abandoned mental asylum for a date.
Blonde:"Honey, do you hear that?"
Blonde's Boyfriend "No Honey, it's nothing let's go in."
Monster follows them into mental asylum.
Monster: "Boo!"
Blonde dies of heart failure.
Blondes boyfriend gets shredded to pieces with monsters claw.

If you still don't believe me, watch this. :) 

Hope you guys like this post! 

Happy Reading & Watching! - Rida

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