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Doctor Who Series 8 Episodes 1-5 Review Compilation

Okay so I know it's been a while since the first episode of S8 aired but I didn't get a chance to watch the new series until recently so I decided I would just review the first five in one post. After this I will try to review them as they come out and then I'll probably compile all the season 8 reviews into one post.


Episode 1: Deep Breath

This episode was just wow. I mean it wasn't an episode that was like "OMG this is amazing! asdfghjkl" *more fangirling* but it was a great start for Capaldi. At first I was kind of like ehh.. he's not that great, and it was also partially because he wasn't really there at the beginning that much, but after they met at the restaurant (scene pictured above) it started to get really good and I began to like Capaldi even more. I really liked the plot line. I don't know if this is just me, but 12 seems a little more violent/cruel. I'm not sure if this is because of the Scottishness or its because he's just lived through so much. My favorite part of the episode was probably the ending when we see the paradise lady thing. I am REALLY excited for there to be more development on that and I'm pretty sure that's going to be the season finale so I'm super excited for that!

Episode 2: Into the Dalek

Into the Dalek was a good episode and we got to know a bit more about Clara's life when she's not with the Doctor. I think 12 may be a bit funnier than the other doctors... Anyway I didn't really like the girl, Journey Blue that much but the plot was good. I really liked the idea of a good Dalek and how after the Doctor fixed the Dalek he does try to make him good again. I think it is important that the Doctor tries to be a good man. There is one part where the Dalek says that the doctor is a good Dalek, which at first I thought was cute, but then I realized that he could mean that the Doctor is  good at being evil like Daleks which made me wonder... 
There's also that part where the "Heaven" thing is continued which made me very excited!

Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood

I saw a lot of pictures of the filming of this before it aired and I must say, Clara's outfit is really pretty. In this episode, the Doctor is definitely more sarcastic/funny. This episode kind of reminded me of a Classic Who episode- the one with the Second Doctor where they land in this land made of stories and fairy tales, so when the Doctor was saying that Robin wasn't real, I thought it would be kind of like that. This was a really good episode and I really liked it, though I wouldn't say it was my favorite so far. I also thought the robots from the spaceship might be some kind of modified Cybermen but I guess not. 

Episode 4: Listen

This episode was super brilliant at the end! Just OMG! But there was a lot of stuff going on before that so let's get to that first. The beginning was kind of eerie with the Doctor talking about why you might talk to yourself when there's no one else there and all that but Clara's date was exciting! Though it didn't turn out very well in the beginning, I think I might ship Clara and Danny. ( I have no idea what their ship name is; I don't think there is one yet but I've heard Oswink... If you know please comment/email or contact us) I mean there is the thing about Orson Pink so... yeah I'm curious. Back to the plot: so I liked seeing Danny as a kid but that part where the creature came behind them was creepy. This was the creepiest episode so far but it wasn't too bad. I am curious to know if there were actually any creatures or if that was just Clara (as shown at the end) because the idea of creatures like that intrigues me...  Anyway the ending where they end up on (WARNING: TOTAL SPOILER ALERT RIGHT HERE EVEN IF YOU'VE BEEN READING THIS DESPITE ME WARNING YOU THAT THERE ARE SPOILERS, BUT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ALL THE SPOILERS WITHOUT WATCHING THE EPISODE, BE MY GUEST) Gallifrey was really good and it was cool to see the barn where the doctor grew up. At first I thought it was Danny or even Orson who they were showing but then when I realize it was the Doctor... just it was so sad. I think that part makes you really connect to the Doctor even more. 
On another note, I'm glad Clara's date worked out in the end!

Episode 5: Time Heist

This might be my favorite episode so far. The part where the phone rings and it's referenced how Clara got the Doctor's number was interesting and I think the heaven lady, Missy, gave the number to her because she said something in the first episode about a boyfriend and I think she may have a story line similar to River's. Anyway when at the beginning, the part where they end up at the bank was kind of confusing at first but as the story progressed it got interesting. I thought the Teller was kind of ugly but he reminded me of the Minotaur creature from the season 6 episode The God Complex. The fact that he, like, devoured people's minds was kind of cool but it looked really painful. The ending was nice and I liked the private vault. The Teller's planet looked really peaceful...  I really liked the action in this episode and it was fun to watch.

Also I thought I might comment on the new title sequence. I think the title sequence is really cool but the music isn't as melodic. So its okay... If you didn't know, it was inspired by a fan made sequence.

So I hope you liked this review! I will be posting tomorrow's episode's review sometime soon next week ( I hope!) but until then, there are some pictures below for you to enjoy!



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