Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick and Easy Retro Nails

I wouldn't exactly call these nails retro but they're somewhere around there. I actually got this idea from browsing through the hipster side of tumblr even though I do visit the other side of tumblr as well. 
That's Me :)

Anyway, For these nails I used:
NYC's long wearing nail enamel called fuchsia shock creme or #111
 (Click here for more info on the nail polish) 
 rhinestone stickers that  I found around the house (probably from the dollar store).
Nail Glue (Optional)
The first step to these nails is to paint all your nails
Let your nails COMPLETELY dry
Add/Glue the rhinestone to the nail you desire. 

Hope you guys like this little nail tutorial! 

Happy Painting,Sticking and/or Gluing! - Rida/Thing One

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