Thursday, June 19, 2014

May Favourites

Hello once again! I thought I'd drop the whole summmer journal thing becuase it is obviously kinda boring.Instead I thought I would post about some of my favorite stuff this last may! This isn't gonna go in the order of things I like it's just a list. Enjoy:)

  1. Who doesn't love Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers ? I was never a girl who was all clingy about holding sanitizers in her backpack like germ-x but whenever my mom bought these it was a treat! Even now, I absolutely love them so they are my favorites every month!
  2. God save eos's. If it weren't for them my lips would be completely dead by now. Like I told you in my last post my lips were practically dead and if it weren't for the genius who invented eos's.
  3. MARVEL! I don't know what to say about this but I am loving everything about MARVEL.That whole fandom is amazing! I might not be the biggest fanatic but I hope I get to know more. All I have to say is thank you Anika and Nina!
  4. This liking started by reading the Pretty Little Liars  books and now I am slowly loving the show. It's a bit girly but the best part is the mystery and all the secret games. My personal favorite character is Spencer. 
  5. Ever since this year started I started exploring really fun youtube channels and one of my favourites was Zoella. She's really pretty and I think her videos are fun to watch and really usefull. 
  6. Another amazing channel was The Sacconejoly channel. There family vlogs everysingle day at 6pm and I absolutely love watching their channel. I tune in right before I sleep and their kids are so adorable!
  7. Sometimes I regret being a fangirl in the Wholock society but life is life. Ever since December 2013 I have absolutely loved watching Doctor Who and later in March I started watching Sherlock. Hopefully, i'll finish watching Supernatural this summer.
  8. I'me gonna smash 8,9,&10 together so here's all my favorite social medias, Pinterest , Tumblr and Youtube. I know youtube isn't really social media but oh well. I am absolutely loving them. They are one of the few things where I can completely spill my whole self because I feel I can't do that with people. I'll be girly one day then a fanatic the next and then I'll turn into a complete tomboy. I guess i'm confused and social media lets me be who I want to be when I want to be. I guess I just don't feel like I have to be in synq with my friends moods.

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